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C7 Yoga at Missy Lane's 

Explore and find new levels of possibility with your body and mind at Missy Lane's

For over twenty years, Russell has helped some of the world's top athletes reach their full potential.


As founder and creator of Top Notch Performance, Top Notch Performance FIT, and C7 Yoga, Russell's vision from the start was to build a facility that would accomplish more than just training athletes.


Russell's desire is to educate people on the proper way to train and how to move from the inside out. Russ' detailed approach is known throughout the industry. By incorporating and embracing this approach to training, trainers develop a greater understanding of what human movement is, thereby; improving the performance of their athletes.


Twenty years later, Russell has a new found passion - YOGA! This passion has lead to the opening of his very own yoga studio. Russell hopes to give his students a judgment-free space to explore yoga. He wants to encourage students to find new levels of possibilities with their bodies and minds. It is his hope that the practices learned on the mat will flow with fluidity into their daily lives - from mat to life.


Let C7 Yoga be your Peace Of Mind.


Russell Dudley

Owner/Director of TNP, TNP FIT, C7 Yoga

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