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Season 3 Concerts at Missy Lane's: A Celebration of Excellence at Durham's Premier Jazz Venue

Updated: Jul 9

Since our grand opening on January 13th, Missy Lane's has been a beacon for jazz in Durham, soul, and R&B, presenting two vibrant seasons. We've entertained 8,300 concert-goers across more than 150 concerts. Our dedication to live music has earned us the 2024 Durham Magazine’s Winner of Best Venue for Live Music (Small) and a finalist spot for Indy Week’s Best New Small Business in Durham County. As we close out the year, we are thrilled to announce our Season 3 shows.

Season 3 Lineup Presents:

9/6 -- Lovell Bradford - Acclaimed jazz pianist known for his soulful and innovative performances.

9/13 -- Brandon Woody’s Upendo - This rising star and his band bring a fresh, dynamic sound to the stage.

9/14 -- Jarrod Lawson - Renowned for his soulful voice and incredible songwriting, Lawson captivates audiences worldwide.

9/21 -- Nicolay Celebrates 20 Years of Connected - Grammy-nominated producer Nicolay commemorates the 20th anniversary of his iconic album 'Connected.'

9/26 -- Shabaka - Celebrated for his mesmerizing flute performances that blend traditional jazz with avant-garde influences.

9/28 -- Bashiri Asad - This soulful crooner enchants with his smooth voice and heartfelt lyrics.

10/5 -- Soul Understated - A powerhouse duo delivering a perfect blend of soul, jazz, and funk.

10/6 -- Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead - Barber, an exceptional drummer, leads this innovative and genre-blending jazz ensemble.

10/11 -- Etienne Charles - This trumpeter's Caribbean influences bring a vibrant energy to his performances.

10/20 -- Michael Mayo - An extraordinary vocalist known for his genre-defying approach to jazz.

11/15 -- Taber Gable - A virtuoso pianist whose performances are both technically brilliant and deeply emotive.

Season tickets are available for our top 6 shows, providing an excellent opportunity to experience the best of our lineup. Don’t miss out on maximizing your experience with our Club Deluxe memberships, which are still available.

Join us at Missy Lane's as we continue to celebrate and showcase exceptional talent in an intimate and unforgettable setting.

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