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Jazz Revival: Theo Croker at Missy Lane's Assembly Room, Durham's Newest Music Venue

In the heart of the city lies a hidden gem that aficionados of jazz have begun to revere as their own personal sanctuary. Missy Lane's Assembly Room has become synonymous with soul-stirring melodies, rhythmic cadences, and the timeless allure of jazz music.

This weekend the Durham music venue plays host to a four-show residency that will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of those lucky enough to be present. Croker, a luminary in the contemporary jazz scene, possesses a musical prowess that transcends boundaries. Hailing from a lineage of jazz greats, including his grandfather, the legendary Doc Cheatham, Croker carries on the tradition with a blend of reverence and innovation that is uniquely his own.

Watch this video & find tickets here.

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