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Durham Cocktail Bar Toasts Juneteenth with Black History Inspired Cocktail Menu

Updated: 7 days ago

Missy Lane’s Assembly Room, one of Durham's newest cocktail bar, introduces a dedicated Juneteenth cocktail menu available throughout the month of June. Created by Durham’s beloved barman Adrian Lindsay, this month-long menu features black-owned spirits like Uncle Nearest 1884 and cocktails meaningful to Black history, including the Pomegranate Gimlet inspired by Toni Tipton Martin’s award-winning cocktail book Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs & Juice.

Designed to be the speakeasy style cocktail bar for the South’s newest world-class jazz club, Missy Lane’s proudly serves the area’s largest selection of Black-owned, and woman-led spirits. In addition to the month-long Juneteenth menu, guests may also enjoy the regular menu featuring prohibition era cocktails and reimagined classics. This stand-alone cocktail bar echoes the tunes of the Assembly Room Tuesday through Saturday Nights, beginning at 5pm.

Juneteenth Menu

Find Barman Adrian Lindsay’s descriptions for each Juneteenth cocktail


Uncle Nearest 1884, Yuzu Sake, Yuzu Juice

“We combined Sake, the traditional Japanese spirit, with Uncle Nearest, for our rift on a whiskey sour. Yasuke was the only African and first non-Japanese samurai, and Nearest Green was a formerly enslaved pioneer in distilling Tennessee whiskey. The legacy of both men inspired this cocktail.”

Tamarind Old Fashioned

Old Hillside, Tamarind syrup, Bitters

“Our Tamarind Old Fashioned combines Durham’s Black-owned Hillside Whiskey with Tamarind, a fruit native to Africa. The tropical fruit provides a subtle sweet and sour twist to the traditional Old Fashioned.”

American Slipper

712 Vodka, Midori, Dry Curacao, Yuzu

“American Slipper is our take on the Japanese Slipper. 712 Vodka, a North Carolina Black-owned spirit, is mixed with melon, orange, and Yuzu. An eye-catching summer cocktail that highlights summer melon flavors.”

Irish Rose

Grenadine, Old Bushmill, Seltzer

“Irish Rose pays homage to Tom Bullock’s book, The Ideal Bartender. Bullock is the first known African American to publish a cocktail manual. Although written over a century ago, the book impacted the modern mixology movement.”

Pomegranate Gimlet

Conniption Barrel Aged Gin, Brandy, Lime juice, Grenadine

“The Pomegranate Gimlet is inspired by Toni Tipton-Martin’s cocktail in her award-winning cocktail book, Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs & Juice. The addition of Conniption Barrel Aged Gin – distilled here at the female-owned Durham Distillery – connects the cocktail to our city.”

A Mockery

Hibiscus, Cherry, Sage, Almond, Citrus

“Hibiscus, cherry, sage, and almond are combined for a spirit-free punch style cocktail. The hibiscus contributes to the traditional red color of this holiday drink. (This cocktail is also featured in Saltbox Seafood Joint’s Juneteenth picnic box, “Durmnik”).”

Meet Barman Adrian Lindsay – recently featured in Cuisine Noir – and explore Missy Lane’s cocktail menus.

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